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Additional information to my products, please read before buying.

The jewellery is made of brass and/or copper, metal that – like natural silver – after a time can loose its bright glance. To get this glance back, there are many different ways. One of them is what I use to do:

You mix pure lemon acid with salt and lay the jewellery into this liquid mixture. Move it a little bit, shower with warm water and dry it carefully with a piece of soft cloth. If you like it very shiny, you can even pass with a rubber gum.

Attention with the pearls: The gem stones do not react with the acid, but pearls don´t like it, so keep them away from it.  

There are certainly a lot of chemical solutions on the market to clean & shine brass or copper, so feel free to use one of them – always caring to inform yourself about their effects on gems or pearls.

Otherwise, even the “vintage look” of brass or copper can be very nice. Therefore it is absolutely sufficient to pass with a soft cloth from time to time. And to keep it in a closed box when not used.



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