I have been making high-quality, handcrafted jewellery for over a decade, join me in my passion!

My Name is Geggy Cuba.
I have been an artist my whole life, and I have a great love for nature from childhood on.
Out of these 2 big passions results my desire to make beautiful things out of what nature gives us every day and anywhere. Sometimes, when I am in the nature it happens that I find gems to pick up and work out for my jewellery. And for my textiles, I get The raw wool directly from the farmers and prepare it from the very beginning, spinning and dyeing up to finally knitting the sweater, skirt or whatever you want. Enjoy having a look around my shop and don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions!

Using only natural materials is not just a tribute to the creation which gives us so much, but for an artist is also a sensual feeling. A feeling that links us to our roots and makes us understand how beautiful is the world to which we belong. And nothing what we can create artificially will ever be so magnificent as pure nature. Knowing that all I create with genuine materials cannot harm the earth in any way makes me feel happy and I hope I can give this feeling to you as well as a gift.

Precious Materials

100% Natural Gemstones

The assorted gems, if not found in the nature, are bought from serious suppliers for professional jewellers. I choose only natural, not artificially modified minerals.

Real Pearls

The pearls are partially from the sea, partially from rivers, but are always a 100% natural product. No plastic, please!

Copper & Brass

These 2 beautiful metals were already used for jewellery in ancient times. It is even said, that copper has some healing effects, as well...

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